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Pool Is Complete, Let The Memories begin!

Putting in an inground pool was kind of a decision we made while we were in Washington DC. We really loved having the pool at the apartment. It was sort of a consolation prize that we were giving to ourselves and the kids, for spending the year in DC. We decided on in the 18 x 36 rectangle. We wanted to be able to do laps and have lots of kids and friends over. We also have a diving board coming.  (It’s not shown here.)

It was supposed to be a two-week process but ended up being a three-week process because the stamping of the concrete added extra inspections and extra time, and needed to be done before the water could get in the pool. I really love the way the wood plank border around the pool so it was worth it.

Here are some pictures of our yard before the pool.

Amy Kunkle Design Pool

When they started digging for the outline, they ran into a lot of tree roots because we had several trees taken out especially near the house.


Amy Kunkle Design

Building the pool, then adding the steps along the entire ends. Then they backfilled the steel with aggregate and gravel. The stairs were formed in steel and then concrete was added to each riser.


My favorite part I think was the concrete, it was a two-day process as the stamped border had to be done first. The second day they were able to finish the 4 feet concrete around three sides of the pool, and the 13 feet on the larger patio end. So in total, we had 6 feet around three sides, and a 15-foot patio.


These were the two days of concrete, the first day stamping with wood plank stamp and adding a walnut color release. Then the patio which is also colored, but not stamped.


Vermiculite coating of the bottom of the pool.


Filling up the pool with water.


The pool is finished! It’s time to enjoy!


My brother then dissembles our tree fort to make a ramp and slide.


Amy Kunkle

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