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My Five People

You Are The Average Of The Five People You Spend The Most Time With.

This past year from August 2016 to June 2017 my family and I lived in Washington DC. I was basically uprooted from friends and neighbors, and I turned to podcasts & YouTube for my support, for lack of a better word. My podcast and YouTube “friends” – were the people who believed in me, poured wisdom into me, and shared their life and experience with me this year.

This article is going to tell you about the five people (via the internet) that have been my circle of influence this past year. đŸ™‚

First up is Gary Vaynerchuk. I had a lot of time on my hands when we moved to DC, and I found myself consuming hours of content. I really resonated with his idea that your career doesn’t have to be over or your life doesn’t have to be over at 40, or even 50 years old. And it really made me realize that I’ve never given architecture a chance {since I resigned after getting my license}. He still is one of my regular podcasts, and YouTube binges when I get the chance. If you follow me at all, you probably know I won an interview with him on his podcast, it was rescheduled for sometime in September. I’m really looking forward to meeting him and just getting to know him. In my VLOG 017 I cover my first trip to NYC to meet with him (the first time).

Second would be Jess Lively. Jess has the Lively Show– A podcast that went from being basically a lifestyle blog turned podcast that she believes Jess Livelyhelps people transform their lives with joy, peace, and presence. I have enjoyed listening to her podcast as she has gone on an “Eat, Pray, Love” type journey. Jess opened the door for my conscious mind to go down the path of quantum physics, consciousness, spirituality, and much more. This has been a deeply personal journey for me, and it will most likely be the subject of my first book.


School of greatnessThird is Lewis Howes, who’s podcast, The School of Greatness, has encouraged me on the journey I am on professionally, physically, and spiritually. He’s from Ohio, and interviews such a wide-variety of guests. I mentioned in a previous post that I’ll be attending his Summit of Greatness conference (Sept. 2017) and getting to meet him. I’m so excited!

Jordon Harbinger


Fourth is Jordan Harbinger and the Art of Charm podcast. His peek into social dynamics and psychology has been so insightful personally and professionally. I especially enjoyed his interview with Scott Barry Kaufman on creativity- I even bought Scott’s book: Wired to Create.  Jordan recently got married this spring, and I feel like I should’ve sent a gift! Lol, when you listen to someone’s podcast 2-3 days a week… you start to feel like you really know them.



Fifth, and lastly, a husband and wife combo: Rich Roll (of the Rich Roll Podcast) and his wife Julie Piatt (of the Divine Throughline podcast). I started listening to Rich first and enjoyed the health and wellness conversations. Julie’s podcast is deeply spiritual but is a refreshing change from the typical entrepreneurial topics. Rich + Julie often join to do Q&A episodes, and I quickly realized why I enjoyed them so much. Their message is one of conscious living. Becoming (and being) your most authentic self, doing better in the world and for the world. I found myself resonating with this on so many levels.

My honorable mentions include The Good Life Project (by Jonathan Fields), the Tim Ferriss show (by Tim Ferriss) and the Robcast by Rob Bell.

Thank you for reading my “My Five People” post. I truly believe we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with, so choose wisely people! 



Amy Kunkle

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