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Elliot Bisnow quote - Finding A Business Partner

Finding A Business Partner

Finding a business partner in the next six months sounds really cool for me.

 So I thought I would talk about what it is I’m looking for and how I am going to go about to find my business partner.

First of all, I look at myself. There are a lot of things that I love to do and things that I’m good at and those are the things that I know I want to provide as a co-owner or founder. I love being on camera, meeting people and making plans. Great big picture person, I love being inspired and inspiring others. I think I have the gift of bringing people together, and I don’t know if that’s an official gift or talent, but it’s something I enjoy.

I am not great at follow through or follow up with people. I’m not a great closer, for sales deals. I’m not a good detail person after I lay out the vision and the direction I want to go in on a particular project idea – I need a person that can take that and put actionable steps in place for accomplishing it. I’m not great with money, so I would not be a good CFO.

I definitely identify the person that I want, and I’ll be quite honest, my sister has a lot of these qualities. I think that’s common among siblings when you look at the birth order and personalities siblings just tend to fall as opposite. I would love to go to business with her, however, she lives in several states away and is starting to build a business of her own. 

With that said, it helps me to envision the person that I’m looking for. Someone who is organized and good with money, someone who has a more reserved personality and could let me take the lead as the face of the company. 

For Finding That Right Business Partner

I have two conferences that I’m attending this fall, one of them is the “Summit of Greatness”.  It’s in Columbus, so it’s close and convenient for me. I feel like I will meet a lot of conscious,  emerging thought leaders, and I’ll get to meet Lewis Howes, so that’s worth the cost of entry. He’s been one of my five people the past year, and for some reason, I feel like he could be involved in my Olympic training facility, but that’s a different story. 

In November, something that I am hoping to attend (you have to be  invited) in LA is the “Summit Series Flagship” conference. I just submitted my application to attend that conference, and first learned about it through Elliot Biznow, when he was interviewed on Lewis Howe’s podcast. It just seems like the perfect conference to meet a business partner, have an amazing, creative experience, and be inspired. 

This fall I’m also going back to meet with Gary Vaynerchuk, so hopefully, I can get to know him better in our interview. I guess the bottom line is, I need to find the five people in real life that inspire me and build me up, and these three “events” have the potential to do that.

Amy Kunkle

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