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Doing Better: Steps to Begin, Then Maintaining the Momentum

That title isn’t going to get SEO points, nor is it going to rank on Google-but here’s the thing. This is my blog, and I can say what I want… so tonight/today (whenever you’re reading this) I am going to be talking about doing better. Speaking from the perspective of someone who’s always trying.

Where to Start

Start from where you are. There’s no reason to wish you were better. You can only start from HERE.

Let’s use an example: Recycling

Intention: I want to do better at recycling. Recycle more, have less trash, etc.

Step One: Learn about what you can recycle locally. It has to be convenient for me to do it, so I dropped off recyling one day with my friend and she was like, “You know, you can add recycling pick-up for about $18/for three months.” So I called my trash pick-up company and now I have a roll-away container for my recyclables.

Step Two: Set small goals for yourself because that trash won’t recycle itself!  Place containers for recycling around your house, in the kitchen, garage, laundry room. Make it easy for you and your family.

Step Three (outside your house): Use reusable bags for the grocery store. Again, habits that have to be curated a bit… I have to keep these in my car, and remind myself to put them back when I unpack them.

Maintaining the Momentum

Once you get a habit rolling, it’s easier to keep it going. So start by repeating the habit or the action at least once. For me, it’s putting my reusable grocery bags back in the car after using them. Or reminding my kids to recycle items and what is recyclable, which is a never ending battle! Now we recycle more than we throw away, which is a great step.

Don’t judge yourself or others

I try not to set my intentions too high, but I continue to improve and do better. I encourage you to do the same. 🙂

Namaste and Peace



Amy Kunkle

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