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Conscious Living and Design by Amy Kunkle / Financial/Budget  / Construction Budget: April 2017 Financials

Construction Budget: April 2017 Financials

Part of this process of documenting this renovation, and hopefully future projects, is transparency in the project. This is not a 30-minute home improvement show on TV where most things are cut and edited, and they don’t show you how much things actually cost… or how much the people are getting paid… or how much is free from manufacturers. I will be showing you it all.

Cost Breakdowns

  • Project and Construction Budget: Each month I will show what we start with for the overall project budget, what’s left, etc. The construction budget doesn’t include the professional services costs, like the architect and engineer. It will include cost of materials, transportation, contractor’s fees, and more.
  • Project Expenses: How I spent the money this month and what got done on the project.
  • Contractor and Professional Fees: You’ll see how much was paid to each of the people involved and  overall cost estimates for them. I can’t speak for them, but I’ll disclose whatever amount they actually provide me as the owner and architect.

April 2017 Financials:


Kunkle Reno


Canton, Ohio

Begin Date

April 28, 2017

Remaining Budget


Completed this month




4/1/2017 Amy Kunkle Creative $1,440.00
4/25/2017 Amy Kunkle Creative $3,240.00
4/28/2017 Petrarca Landcare $1,650.00

Expanded detail





Professional Services 4/1/2017 Retainer for Architect, 10% of construction budget $1,440.00
Professional Services 4/25/2017 Schematic Design Payment to Architect, 25% of construction budget: $3,600 (Minus 25% of retainer credited back) $3,240.00
Yard 4/28 Removed two large trees and one small tree $1,200.00
Tbd Stump Grinding $150.00
Tbd Delivery to mill $300.00

 Project Budget


Spent this month


Amount Remaining


Technically I am the architect, and I’m putting in sweat equity, as opposed to tucking away the money for a rainy day **I wish!!** However, I wanted to show the money and how much an architect would cost. I also hope I show you through my posts on social media and here, that an architect brings a ton of value when doing your project. Architects help navigate the project, keep the budget in check and make sure the design and schedule are kept to. So, when you’re renovating, or building a new home, hiring an architect as early on as possible is the best.

Thanks for stopping by to see my April 2017 construction budget and financials. I hope this brings you value and insight into your own project, or working with an architect in your area. Learn more about the Kunkle renovation here.


Amy Kunkle

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