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If you received a message from me, you've won a set of starter home plans for your project! I'm so excited to help you get closer to your dream of building a home! Please respond to the message and email me at amykunkledesign@gmail.com to start the process! ~amy...

My birthday giveaway!

I love a new year almost as much as I love giving stuff away! ;) Happy 2018 everyone! My birthday is coming up, it's Tuesday, January 9th and I am looking forward to doing lots of creating this year! So, to get a jump start on designing new homes in 2018 I am offering a custom design session with me to design your new home. For FREE! You'll get my "Starter Home Plans" package (see the quick desc. below) and a design...

Biophilic Design and Conscious Architecture

I am so interested in how Frank Lloyd Wright designed these homes and buildings with this innate connection to nature. It seems like the similarities to his design and the aspects of nature were connected, but I couldn't quite track it. Until I came upon biophilic design. I am excited to read all of this book 14 Patterns of Biophilic Design and I'll summarize a bit here. It is the concept of designing a space and building with deep integration of nature. I feel...

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