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#NoveltyReno Update, Framing and Closed In

The project in Novelty, Ohio I've been working on is almost complete! I thought I'd give an update on the progress. You can also follow along on Instagram and Facebook.   Since we aren't done, there aren't official "after" pictures yet, so here's the before and during photos. :) The wall between the living room and the kitchen was removed:   We ended up getting beams to span the kitchen wall and attach to the new addition, so we didn't have to add a...

Biophilic Design and Conscious Architecture

I am so interested in how Frank Lloyd Wright designed these homes and buildings with this innate connection to nature. It seems like the similarities to his design and the aspects of nature were connected, but I couldn't quite track it. Until I came upon biophilic design. I am excited to read all of this book 14 Patterns of Biophilic Design and I'll summarize a bit here. It is the concept of designing a space and building with deep integration of nature. I feel...

Conscious Architecture

Are You Searching For An Architect Or Architectural Services?

I can assist you in all aspects of design and consultation. Projects from home remodel to starter homes, custom homes and business designs. I provide you my expertise and resources to guide you through your project from budget planning, schematics and concept drawings, construction materials costs and planning. ARE YOU LOOKING FOR SOMEONE THAT SPECIALIZES IN CONSCIOUS ARCHITECTURE? Designing spaces, homes, and buildings that improve humanity and the lives of those who inhabit them is my definition of Conscious Architecture.  Be sure to read...

Update On The Novelty Renovation Project.

#NoveltyReno The schematic design on the Novelty Renovation project took about two months. I guess this could be normal, it's just been a while since I went through this process, so I don't know! We ran into some hiccups because they were getting a renovation loan and the design wasn't appraising for the amount we needed. Catch up to speed on this update video. :)   ~amy...

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