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Biophilic Design and Conscious Architecture

I am so interested in how Frank Lloyd Wright designed these homes and buildings with this innate connection to nature. It seems like the similarities to his design and the aspects of nature were connected, but I couldn’t quite track it. Until I came upon biophilic design. I am excited to read all of this book 14 Patterns of Biophilic Design and I’ll summarize a bit here.

It is the concept of designing a space and building with deep integration of nature. I feel like biophilic design is an expression of conscious architecture because it connects us to nature, and ultimately to ourselves and the creator or source energy of the world.

I believe this is why you would see Frank Lloyd Wright creating stained glass windows with organic designs and patterns. See his Tree of Life pattern above. He was emulating the natural environment with the built environment. It was genius and it created a calming and comforting feeling for the inhabitants.

My main three:

Visual Connection to the Outdoors: Windows that are intentional with their view, size, location.

Complexity and Order: Think of the forest with it’s many trees. Linear in nature but chaos with all the branches. It’s what I call Messy Type A. It’s me, in a nutshell!

Material Presence of Nature: I think feeling brick or concrete connects us to the earth. I love that connection.


This is a super brief overview, but I hope to share more of how I want to implement these concepts in my home designs. I hope this is interesting to you, please let me know with a note or comment.


Amy Kunkle

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