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An Entrepreneurial Family

First comes love, then comes marriage

We started as any other family did, with parents who had dreams and goals. My dad wanted a big family, and being Catholic, that worked.

My mom and dad always started businesses, restaurants, they were in the restaurant business. That was their niche. There was Burgers Unlimited, then King Subs*, then my dad started working for Country Kitchen, then Embers, both corporate owned restaurant chains. The first two business went under, and we had to move to start over. He spent my college and young married years back owning a restaurant, Broadway Pizza of Apple Valley, Mn.

My dad Has since left the restaurant business, actively running and owning restaurants, to do sales for a restaurant supplier, and has Your local USA as his “side hustle”.

*I remember as a little girl going in to King Subs with my dad early in the morning to make donuts and deliver a freshly made dozen.

My dad was the dreamer, my mom tried to keep him grounded, but something about those businesses never clicked.

My mom went back to school after her divorce to become a registered nurse, and has done that ever since. Now that she has more time, she has some rental property that she fixes up and rents out in her small town in Wisconsin. She turned out to be more of an entrepreneur than we realized or gave her credit for.

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Christmas 2012

Then comes baby in the baby carriage (x6)

My parents had two daughters and four sons before they divorced around 1989. So six of us in total.

My sister and I went to college and sought out professional degrees. Of my brothers, only the youngest attend college, but even he stopped a bit short because his entrepreneurial blood was flowing too strong.

My sister Terri is the oldest, is an accountant, with a background in history and education. she has, like me, spent most of her time raising children and is now reentering the workforce after almost 20 years.

I was next in birth order, studying architecture and then spending a time raising kids and growing my passions and blogging. (Needs help maybe!)

Next in line, of my brothers, Jon, the oldest boy,  joined the Navy and still serves our country today. He has a wife and two talented boys who love MX Racing. That has become a beast in and of itself, and they are treating it as an entrepreneurial venture. Jon has been deployed for the past seven months with the Navy and Marines.

Then below him, age wise, is Mike. Mike has spent a lot of time finding himself, much like me, working for his brothers and their businesses and now owning one of his own. He has All-in-one Home Inspecting, and has thrived since he started at one year ago.

Next is Steven, Steve, only his mom and I would probably call him that. 😉 he worked with a good friend who owned a chimney sweeping company, and when his friend tragically passed away he purchased the company from the window (that’s the Readers Digest version).  He has since renamed the company Chimney Doctors, and does chimney service and repair. He has the longest running business, going on 16 years!

David Junior, is the youngest and pursued a degree in industrial design. His passion for German cars and engineering spurred the business Nur Technik that is in its fifth year (at least) of business.

So this is my family, in a blog post! 🙂 I’m happy to start introducing you to them, because they mean a lot to me. You can see my latest VLOG introduces you to our family via our mastermind meeting. We spent about a year doing weekly or by weekly Skype calls together to help and encourage each other in business. This was January 2017:

amy kunkle family mastermind

So much has happened over the years that I would love to talk about and share here because my family is amazing and inspires me, they encourage and support me and I love that we are all connected in this business realm. Hope you enjoy the Mastermind Meeting conversations (there are several videos from the one in person meeting!).


Amy Kunkle

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