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Conscious Living and Design by Amy Kunkle / Renovation  / #100dayreno Addition + Renovation in 100 Days
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#100dayreno Addition + Renovation in 100 Days

I'm so excited to begin my first project in this restarting phase of my career. The project is my own home addition (great room + outdoor living space) and pool eventually. I also hope to refresh the inside to match the clean, modern organic feel of the new addition. 🙂

Week 1 (Days 1-7)

Here's what you can expect to happen in the first week.

  • Sending off drawings to the contractor(s)
  • Choosing a design/build contractor as early on in the process as possible... but in all reality I did drag my feet on this one.
  • Get base price for project (Estimation of cost: This renovation will be about $160/sf) - for me that is $64,000 for my great room alone. Sheesh, I hope it doesn't come in that high.

Side note: Calculating and estimate square footage price can work to a degree, but you can see from my project that only 400 SF are enclosed, heated space. The price for the outdoor space is going to be determined significantly on my finish choices.

  • Furniture selection - yep, it may seem odd but I want to make sure the size/type of furniture I want in my great room fits nicely. So before I lock in the dimensions of the room I want to do some window shopping.
  • Design Development Drawings are next...Sections of the addition need to get started, making sure the floor heights are right (lots of as-built drawings come out in the phase).
  • Researching reclaimed timber and barn wood
  • Locking in the look and feel of the space

Follow me on Instagram

In order to stay up with my progress, I'll be updating Instagram daily for the 100 days. I will also be participating in the #100dayproject with lots of other online peeps. I hope you enjoy watching as I take this project from inspiration to reality. Follow me on Instagram @amy_kunkle_creative 

Amy Kunkle

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